about baby ocho

Things change.


What began as the humble solo project of singer-songwriter Mateusz Serafin, Baby Ocho emerged from a desperate need for emotional and creative catharsis amidst the weight of responsibility and daily grind of professional ambition. The simple, yet heartfelt alt-country-inspired folk tunes which channeled artists such as David Bazan, Elliott Smith, Connor Oberst, Ryan Adams and Ben Gibbard (just to name a few) were initially delivered through hushed vocals against a gently strummed acoustic guitar. While living in Indianapolis, IN, Baby Ocho spent his formative years being nurtured and influenced by the local music scene where he soon developed a small, yet devoted following, particularly among fellow singer-songwriters.  It felt like home. As the opportunities grew, so did Baby Ocho and soon performances were frequently backed by local drummers and bassists whenever the occasion afforded it. The acoustic guitar was subsequently traded in favor for lightly overdriven electric guitars. While these changes and additions conceptually seemed counter to Baby Ocho’s initial sound, the ultimate execution was effortless and comfortable. The songs and live shows were brimming with an energy that was immediately infectious and palpable.


However, in mid-2018 Baby Ocho’s ideal of a “musical home” seemed to evaporate in an instant as the winds of change brought Serafin back to his home state of Illinois. Without the support of the Indianapolis scene, Baby Ocho’s seemed to languish in purgatory. But this was short lived after a fortuitous encounter introduced Serafin to drummer Matt LaMarca and bassist Josh Peters who were almost immediately recruited into Baby Ocho. The trio clicked instantly and began not only writing new music together but also steering established tunes in a direction that is decidedly more indie-rock by injecting them angular and dissonant guitars and a raw and unbridled energy and channeling the angst and disillusion of a tumultuous social and political era. In 2019, Baby Ocho is primed to ignite the Midwest with its brand of spirited live performances and contagious verve.